Targeted Microwave Solutions Harnesses Microwave Energy To Revolutionize The Industrial Drying And Processing Industry

Targeted Microwave Solutions’ (TMS) unique technology and strong executive team are resonating with investors. The company recently announced the closing of an oversubscribed broker-led financing and are growing their global footprint by expanding into China and India. In short, the company’s clean technology involves the application of microwave energy to dehydrate and process coal, clay, and biomass, as well as a wide range of other industrial materials and aggregates. Below is our interview with Dr. James Young, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Targeted Microwave Solutions:

bio6_colorQ: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Targeted Microwave Solutions?

A: Targeted Microwave Solutions (TMS) has designed an advanced large scale, high throughput, drying system using microwave technology that is cleaner, more efficient, and more robust for industrial manufacturers, power plants and coal mines than the current fossil fuel-driven technology now in use. We are focused on providing our customers with a solution that helps them reduce harmful emissions, conserve water, reduce energy and operating costs.

Our technology is truly a “game changer”, as it is on the forefront of water recycling and reuse. Our technology can conserve millions of gallons of water annually, which plays a critical role in generating electricity.

Since 2014, the company has raised approximately USD$15.5 million. $12.5 million of this capital was an investment from me and Dr. Rajiv Modi, a Director of Target Microwave Solutions. Dr. Modi and I are major shareholders in the company and are focused on maintaining a sound share structure and financing the company in ways that benefit existing and future shareholders. For further information, folks can visit

Q: Could you explain the benefits and function Targeted Microwave Solutions’ proprietary microwave beneficiation systems?

A: Sure, the benefits of using our technology are numerous and include:

• Increase in energy value of low-rank coal and biofuel
• Increase production capacity
• Reduce regulated emissions
• Water conservation
• Small CAPEX
• Fully automated
• Scalable
• High flow rate
• Modular
• Low maintenance

Our newly optimized and industrial scale Generation 3.0 microwave reactor (Gen 3.0) was recently installed at our demonstration plant in King William, Virginia. Gen 3.0 can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. The reactors and the tower housing them occupy a very small footprint; it measures 33 feet wide by 32 feet in length with a total height of 52’.

TMS Industrial Site

Materials such as low-rank coal, biofuel and clay are transported throughout the Virginia Plant using a network of conveyor belts and bucket elevators.

Prior to drying these materials we have to ensure trace metals are removed so that the microwave reactors don’t get damaged. Therefore, we have installed several large magnets on the loading conveyor belts to remove these trace metals. Once the material passes through this section our computers scan and analyze it. Moisture data is captured and sent to the main computer system which has integrated control software that adjusts flow speed and power. From a production perspective, this means increased drying efficiency and cost savings, as more precise information is being gathered on the material prior to processing.

Once the machine is calibrated, the material enters the microwave reactor at the top of the vertical tower by way of a bucket elevator. The flow rates are controlled by an automated feed system which keeps the material moving through the drying system.

Microwave energy penetrates the material as it moves down the vertical chamber of the reactor and selectively heats and liberates the water contained in the material. Water and dust are separated from the material and the water is collected. We had an independent test completed on the water to determine its quality and it has been officially classified as “agriculture grade”. The water quantities produced can be large and financially significant to the technology investment. Our technology can produce thousands, if not, millions of gallons of water per year which can be used for further industrial processes at the site or sold in the market.

During the final stage of drying, the moisture content of the material is retested and compared to the original moisture values to ensure efficient upgrading of the commodity being drying; such as, low-rank coal and biofuel.

This short video animation explains our technology in more detail.

Q: How does Targeted Microwave Solutions differ from its competition?

A: Our technology is an impressive piece of engineering and, I believe, this is the “Tesla” for the industrial drying industry because, like “Tesla”, we are pioneering entrepreneurs shifting the paradigm in our industries.

We have designed the world’s first patented vertical microwave drying system. This is one significant difference from our competition, as most microwave drying applications, typically run their products along conveyor belts. This impedes drying efficiency, limits production throughput and has more maintenance costs associated with it, as the microwave beams bounce off the belts causing damage to surrounding parts as well as increasing the energy expenditure. Overall, this prevents the technology from operating at its full potential.

When comparing our technology to kilns or ovens, our technology reduces harmful emissions, save water and energy, and reduce operating costs, permitting fees and treatment costs associated with burning fossil fuels.

TMS Demonstration Plant Featured

Q: What customers are you targeting today?

A: Currently, we have being testing a variety of materials (for example, low-rank coal, clay, biofuels) and have established deep and strong relationship with Nestlé Purina, one of the largest cat litter producers in the United States, as well as several prominent coal mines and power plants. Our global commercialization strategies are underway and we believe we’ll have a commercial agreement for installation of one of our systems in the early new year.

Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: The company will focus on creating shareholder value. We are exploring the opportunity to add new Board members with specific industrial and capital markets experience as well as expand our organization’s capabilities with key partners and contractors.

In addition, I am spearheading the global commercialization strategies, which, will focus on the United States, Canada and supporting our joint ventures in China and India. We will also be rolling out a new investor relations strategy and increased communication strategies. Together, these initiatives will help position Targeted Microwave Solutions as a leading innovator in industrial cleantech and as a high growth company.

Q: What’s the best thing about TMS that people might not know about?

A: Our technology addresses the growing concerns about global warming, water scarcity and energy demand. Our technology can:

• significantly reduce drying related emissions for the manufacturing industry,
• recover thousands of gallons of water annually for coal mines,
• reduce energy consumption, and
• provide a cleaner energy solution.

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